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Eyelash Glue - Alegante
Lash Artist

Eyelash Glue

False eyelash glue is divided into semi-permanent and disposable glue, semi-permanent glue is divided into eyelash artist special and personal self-grafting glue.Eyelash artist glue, also known as ...

Material of false eyelash - Alegante

Material of false eyelash

There are two types of eyelash materials.Firstly, the real hairMade from natural hair, such as mink hair, horse hair, or even human hair and eyebrow hair. Because of the high cost of making them an...

Eyelash extension tools - Alegante

Eyelash extension tools

The most complete range of eyelash extension tools

The overall process of eyelash extensions? - Alegante

The overall process of eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions step-by-step

Lash ArtistThe knowledge and techniques a professional eyelash technician should have - Alegante