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The overall process of eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions step-by-step
What exactly is the process of eyelash extensions? Experts: First, the tools and products needed for the eyelashes are prepared, then the guest lies down and we need to disinfect our hands and all the tools that will be used in the eyelash application.
1 Clean and blow dry any dirt from the lashes.
2 Separate - cut a suitable size of barrier film (this can be medical tape, eye mask, eye stickers) to separate the upper and lower lashes of the client.
3 Smoothing - using a lash comb or tweezers, smooth out the lashes one by one.
4 Select - The eyelash technician will need to select the appropriate material for the length of the client's lashes and place them on the water table (this can also be a soft pad or a clean non-woven fabric).
5 Attaching the extensions
(1) Shake the glue for the eyelash extensions with the aim of shaking the mineral well.
(2) Squeeze out the right amount of black glue onto the glue table, taking less glue each time, you can take the glue regularly.
(3) Tweeze the end of the eyelash fibres and probe about 2/3 of the root into the glue, then gently drag it out.
(4) Stick the glued lashes to the side of the real lashes, 0.5 - 1mm from the skin, not more than 1.5mm.
6. Inspection - After the extensions have been applied, sweep them with a lash brush to check that they are firmly attached and that any that have fallen out need to be filled in.
7. Blow dry - Blow the lashes with a small fan or a blow dryer for 5-10 minutes, so that they do not sting when you open your eyes.