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Eyelash Glue

False eyelash glue is divided into semi-permanent and disposable glue, semi-permanent glue is divided into eyelash artist special and personal self-grafting glue.
Eyelash artist glue, also known as professional salon glue, is mainly composed of ethyl, which is low in flavour and low in irritation, oil-proof, waterproof, anti-allergic, blossoms in a second, does not shrink, does not turn white in water, does not become hard, etc. The colour is mostly black, with light blue or transparent colours appearing in recent years. It is popular with eyelash artists for its clean root grafting without traces. It lasts between 7-8 weeks. The glue dries slowly (2-3 seconds) for beginners and quickly (0.5-1S) for highly skilled eyelash extensions.

Personal self extensions are mainly composed of methoxy, which is odourless, non-irritating, oil-proof, waterproof, sweat-proof and allergy-proof. Black in colour. For use with cluster lashes, not for strip lashes. Glue dries in 3-5 seconds. Longevity 2-4 weeks, no burning sensation when using, does not cause eyes to water, goes on naturally, self-adhesive and easy to handle. Suitable for personal self-grafting.

Disposable glue is generally white in colour and dries to a transparent colour. Suitable for strip or cluster lashes.