We create better comfort.

After leading the domestic decorative industry, our founders Kevin and Ella became experts in product design and innovative materials. They noticed some issues in the decorative market, such as the use of cheap plastic or parts containing chemicals.

They were surprised by the lack of innovation in custom products and found that most customizations in the market were quite simple. So Kevin began envisioning a different future for the industry. "Practical and aesthetic designs, high functionality, and sustainable materials that allow customers to customize in real time? Reduce customer concerns? Or perhaps allow customers to see the finished product in advance? Reduce waste and environmental impact during the production process... that's the only right way!"

With this vision in mind, they first developed the "NFC Customization" series, enhancing durability and aesthetics while improving interaction with customers, reducing 40% of carbon waste.

We create better comfort.

We work with a global network of colleagues, companies, and advocates to further our efforts to make our environmental work a force for good in people’s lives.

2030 Carbon-neutral

We are committed to becoming the first carbon-neutral product company by 2030, encompassing the entire product line from the supply chain to product usage.

1% for the Planet 

We’ve pledged 1% of profits to environmental organizations.

Responsible Sourcing and Manufacturing

Less Water Waste

We rely on water. That’s why we are optimizing our current use of water

Less Energy Waste

We find ways to consume energy more efficiently.

Exploring Renewables

We always seek out opportunities to transition to renewable sources.

CO2 Offsets

We’re taxing ourselves for the carbon we do emit, and investing in carbon offsets

Smarter Chemistry

We take rigorous approach to ensure the safety of chemicals used in our products

Less Carbon-intensive Shipping

We’re also working to maximize ocean shipping, which is much less carbon intensive than shipping by air.

We embrace the power of technology and design.

  • Technology alone is not enough—it’s technology married with arts married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing

Highly Functional Renewable Materials

our products are made from 100% safe imported food-contact-grade ABS+NdFeB magnets.

Advanced Manufacturing

Our team utilizes magnetic supply chain production technology, smart technology, and material technology to create products.

We care about the human race.

  • We want to make this world a little difference. We believe in a future where all human race have the chance to thrive.

Donated Returns

We aspire for the world to be as Michael Jackson once said, 'we are the world.' Therefore, we will donate three percent of our product sales revenue to charitable organizations to improve the lives of children worldwide. Typically, this includes providing children with study desks, textbooks, and even food

Ethical Factories

We keep in consistent contact with factory owners to ensure safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing practices.

1% for the Planet

We give back 1% of our all sale to smaller scale craftsmen and women who made those products possible.

We want our customers 100% happy.

Our customers are at the center of everything that we do. We made Vesta for all of us, because life is meant to be shared.