Eyelash extension tools

Commonly used tools for eyelash artists
①Tweezers, the national standard double tweezers, one for splitting hairs and one for extensions.

②Eyelashes, mainly distinguished by material, type and curl, there are more than 100 types.

③Lash glue, which can be broadly divided into slow-drying, medium-drying and fast-drying.

④Tape, which is used to lift the eyelashes when applying extensions or to isolate them.

⑤ Eye pads/patch, mainly used to separate the upper and lower lashes and prevent them from sticking together during the process.

(6) Eyelash holder and glue holder(jade stone/glue ring), for placing false eyelashes and dripping glue during extensions.

(7) Glue drip pad, to be attached to the glue table and used for glue dripping.

⑧ Lash shampoo, Pre-extension cleaning solution for cleaning the real eyelashes before extensions. Cleaning mousse for cleaning real eyelashes before extensions, cleaning eyelashes and eye make-up during eyelash extensions, and cleaning eyes after removing false eyelashes.

⑨ moisturising cleansing pads for removing eye make-up, cleaning the oil and dust around the eyes before extensions.

⑩Cleaning pads for wiping residual glue remover when removing false eyelashes, cleaning glue residue, cleaning glue bottles, cleaning drip tables, etc.

⑪Eyelash mirrors.

⑫Cotton swabs and cotton swabs are mainly used for cleaning the extensions process.

⑬Reinforcer, apply to the root of false eyelashes before extensions to achieve longer lasting false eyelashes.

⑭Glue Remover gel/remover cream, used when removing eyelashes, acts to dissolve the eyelash glue.

⑮ Tool cleaner, generally used to clean glue and stains left on tweezers.

⑯Lash fan Dryer, for drying after the extensions are completed, to speed up the drying of the glue.

⑰Lash brush, for easy grooming during and after extensions, can also be sold as a gift to customers for later eyelash maintenance.

⑱ Beauty light to illuminate the working area during extensions and to facilitate extensions.

⑲ Mask, respect for the client and basic protection for the eyelash technician himself, also a sign of professionalism.

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