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How to remove eyelash

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For semi-permanent glue:

Firstly, you can go to a beauty salon and ask your eyelash technician to remove your eyelashes, if you have eyelash extensions in a beauty salon, they will provide an eyelash removal service at a later stage. Make an appointment with your eyelash technician before removing them. The second method is to remove them yourself. You will need to buy a professional eyelash remover or gel and remove them with your eyes open or closed. Apply a small amount at a time with a nano stick and apply evenly to the area where the real lashes are attached. Leave for 1-2 minutes after applying evenly, then use tweezers to gently grip the false lashes and remove them. If you can't remove them with tweezers, apply a little more eyelash remover and wait 1-2 minutes. Once the lashes are removed, use a dry cotton swab to wipe any remnants of eyelash remover from the top of the real lashes until they are invisible, then wash with water or wipe with a wet wipe before washing.

For disposable Glue:
For disposable glue removal, apply makeup remover or makeup remover to the root of the false lashes and gently rub with your hands until the lashes fall off on their own.

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