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DIY lash - Alegante

Why do you need your own semi-permanent eyelash extensions:

1) Disposable eyelashes, sticky every day and removed every day, not waterproof and not oil-proof, often embarrassing scenarios of glue removal, 2) Too much money to go to the salon, takes at least an hour and the style cannot be switched at will

The benefits of self extensions:

1) Say goodbye to the hassle of sticking lashes every day and removing them every day, self extensions last for about 20 days. 2) Compared to salon extensions, the cost is lower, a few dollars each time. 2) The glue is oil-proof, waterproof, sweat-proof and allergy-proof. After 5 hours, you can wash your face and swim, take a bath, steam and snorkel, and makeup remover has no effect on the glue. 3) The extensions are easy to apply and only take about 5 minutes for both eyes, making it easy to create stunning eyes. 4) Take them off at any time, the kit comes with eyelash remover and can be removed at any time when you don't need the lashes.

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