ULTRA THICK professional grade jewelry adhesive

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容量: 4 OZ


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⭐ SUPPORTER OF QUALITY GLUE: Since the brand's inception, ZMFIX has been committed to being the guardian of adhesive bonding projects, and we aspire to develop a wider variety of quality Super CA glues and become a household name in cyanoacrylate adhesives.
⭐ Key Adhesive for Fast Repairs: ZMFIX versatile medium-thin viscosity instant adhesive bonds in just 20-50 seconds with a viscosity of 680-750 CPS. recommended for inlay work between metal materials, the moderate penetration rate makes it easy for you to do fine inlay work. It also works well to repair smaller cracks.
⭐Perfect for use: ZMFIX CA Glue is easy to use. Simply clean the two surfaces to be bonded, apply the right amount of glue (usually just 2-3 drops), press gently for a few seconds and you're done.
⭐VALUE PACKAGE: When you buy ZMFIX Super Glue, you get a 2 oz. bottle of medium-thin viscosity Super CA Glue, an extra applicator cap to prevent future clogging, and 4 micro-tip accessories to help you reach hard-to-reach areas. Buy Now
⭐SAFETY & SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We recommend working in a well-ventilated area and wearing goggles, and storing in a cool, dry place with a shelf life of up to 24 months, or longer if stored below 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

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