1. **Do Android and iOS ecosystems support your plugin?**
Yes, make sure your phone supports NFC functionality before using our product. Find NFC in your phone settings and make sure it's turned on.

2. **After integration, can we play directly or do we need to click manually?**
Of course, we play directly. If you want to click manually, you can leave us a note.

3. **Can I purchase if my phone doesn't support NFC?**
Currently, we only support phones with NFC for one-touch access. If not, we suggest you not to purchase or only customize mini albums.

4. **How can I upload links for videos, audios, and photos?**
We are working on this integration. Currently, you can upload videos/audios/photos to YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok and then copy the QR code of the video/audio/photo for customization.