1.Damaged Product 

LAST UPDATE:MAR 19 2024 4:45AM

No worries! We’ve made it really easy to get a replacement for your damaged product! We’ll collect all the necessary information through our portal

There are a few exceptions:
  1. If a bracelet has been altered in any way (i.e. if you cut, shortened, or re-burned the strings or edges), we can’t replace the item.
  2. We’re unable to replace lost or stolen items.
  3. Monthly Club Packs and Style Packs -- Some bracelets are not sold separately inside our style packs. All of our monthly club packs are unique and those bracelets are not sold separately. If these bracelets break, a replacement value will be assigned based on the type of bracelet that broke.
  4. We can only issue a replacement if the item was purchased directly through our website. If it was purchased in-store with one of our wholesale partners, you must contact the store so they can replace the damaged item for you.


2.Wrong/Missing Item(s)

  • LAST UPDATE:NOV 15 2023 6:15AM
  • We’re sorry to hear you may have received the wrong item or something was missing. Don’t worry, we’re here to get you to help immediately and we’ve made the process to get in touch with us really easy!
  • We collect all the necessary information through our portal

3.The ring I received doesn’t fit, what should I do?

  • Did you misjudge your ring size? No problem! You have 100 days from delivery to get your ring resized for FREE! Please consult our Ring size guide to determine your correct size, then contact our Customer Care Team to coordinate sending your ring back for adjustments.

4.My chain broke, what should I do?

  • We want to assist you and send out a new chain to you!

    Please contact our Customer Care Team with and provide us with the following information:

    • Your Order ID number
    • A picture of the damaged chain
    • A description of the damage
    • The chain size you want

    It is required to send a picture of the damaged chain for us to determine how to proceed.

    We'll get back to you as soon as we can, and depending on whether you have warranty,we will offer a replacement chain which can be easily reattached with a pair of pliers, or by your local jeweler.

  • Your replacement chain will be shipped within the time frame for the standard shipping method, that will be active on site at the time you contact us.


5.I received my item, but it doesn't look like I expected

We are sorry to hear that your order is not to your taste.

We are happy to offer you to exchange the item for another, but first our customer care team request to receive a picture from you in order to make sure the item matches our quality standards, and that the details are as described on site.

When contacting us, please make sure to include the following details so that we can assist you in the best possible way:

  • Your Order ID number
  • A picture of the item you received
  • Feedback on the item
  • Link to the item that you would like to exchange to