Profession Eyelash Extension Glue

Eyelash Extension Glue Classification and Usage Guide

I. Classification:

1. User Group Classification:

  • Professional Lash Technician Glue: Designed specifically for professional lash technicians to ensure high-quality adhesion and longevity, catering to diverse client needs.
  • Individual DIY Glue: Suitable for personal use, offering a convenient and straightforward way to extend eyelashes for a natural or voluminous effect.

2. Effect Classification:

  • Clear Formula: Dries nearly colorless, suitable for various eyelash colors, perfect for daily makeup.
  • Black/Brown Formula: Dries to a color resembling eyeliner, enhancing dense eye makeup for nighttime or dramatic looks.

3. Application Experience Classification:

  • Quick-Drying Formula: Dries rapidly, suitable for those on-the-go, but requires swift eyelash application.
  • Slow-Drying Formula: Dries more slowly, allowing more time for adjusting the eyelash position and angle.

4. Longevity Classification:

  • Regular Longevity Formula: Provides moderate adhesive strength, suitable for daily or short-term activities.
  • Super Longevity Formula: Offers extended adhesion, ideal for special occasions or maintaining a perfect look throughout the day.

5. Skin Friendliness Classification:

  • Sensitive Skin Formula: Formulated without irritating ingredients, suitable for sensitive skin to minimize allergy risks.
  • General Skin Formula: Suitable for typical skin types, providing strong adhesion without causing allergic reactions.

II. Usage Guide:

1. Usage Environment: Before using the glue, ensure the work environment is clean, well-ventilated, and away from open flames and high temperatures.

2. Shaking the Glue: Prior to using the professional lash technician glue, gently shake the glue bottle to ensure thorough mixing of internal components.

3. Dropping into the Glue Cup: Place an appropriate amount of professional lash technician glue into the glue cup; use an amount sufficient for one eyelash extension session to avoid wastage.

4. Preparing False Eyelashes: Select false eyelashes from the box that suit the client's needs. Gently remove false eyelashes from the box, taking care not to deform or bend them.

5. Applying the Glue: Use specialized tools to lightly dip the base of the false eyelashes into an appropriate amount of glue. Ensure the glue is evenly applied without excessive amounts.

6. Attaching False Eyelashes: Gently attach the false eyelashes, which have been coated with glue, onto the client's natural eyelashes. Ensure correct positioning and angle, and avoid touching the false eyelashes and glue directly with hands.

7. Drying Time: After attaching the false eyelashes in the correct positions, wait for a sufficient time for the glue to fully dry. The drying time usually ranges from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the glue type and environmental conditions.

8. Trimming and Grooming: After the glue is completely dry, use specialized tools to trim and groom the false eyelashes for better integration with natural eyelashes.

III. Precautions:

  • Professional lash technician glue is intended for use by professionally trained lash technicians, and ordinary consumers should not use it at home.
  • Strictly follow the operating instructions to avoid accidental contact with skin and eyes when using the glue.
  • Before first-time use, perform a skin sensitivity test to ensure clients do not have allergic reactions to the glue.
  • The operating environment should be well-ventilated to prevent inhalation of harmful odors and vapors.
  • Adhere to the storage recommendations provided by the manufacturer to maintain the glue's optimal condition.

By providing this categorized information and usage guide, you can offer detailed insights to customers about various types of false eyelash glues, empowering them to make informed choices based on their specific needs.

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