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Welcome to ZMBOND, where we cater to the ever-changing needs of Lash Artists and DIYers with our comprehensive consumer range. Our goal is to provide innovative products that empower Lash Artists and makeup enthusiasts to effortlessly achieve stunning results every day.

At ZMBOND, we are dedicated to meeting the common needs of people worldwide. Our research and development programs are focused on creating environmentally-safe products that are not only easy to use but also save time and money while delivering superior performance. We want you to achieve professional-quality results in the comfort of your own home.

 With over 1,000 different products in our DIY and consumer range, our brands and products have gained trust and recognition in over 120 countries. Our offerings include a variety of volume lash options (classic, Y shaped, 3D, 3D plus, 4D, 5D in different colors), Eyelash Adhesive (disposable and semi-permanent, suitable for DIY and Salon use, available in White, Black, and Semitransparent colors), as well as Eyelash extension tools (brushes, eye patches, glue cups, mirrors, fans, tape, and more).

ZMBOND is a reputable Chinese supplier specializing in the eyelash industry. With 20 years of deep engagement in the field and exporting to over 120 countries, we have a wealth of experience to cater to your unique requirements. We offer flexible support, including retailing, one-off delivery, small quantity purchases, and large quantity orders, all at favorable prices.

Experience the difference with ZMBOND – your go-to destination for top-notch eyelash products and adhesive solutions. For inquiries, feel free to contact us on WhatsApp at +447743042462.

Elevate your eyelash game and achieve flawless results with ZMBOND!